Extend your industry branding by becoming a congress sponsor!

ICKHS 2024 Committee welcomes all kinds of sponsorship from interested companies and organizations.

ICKHS 2024 offers sponsorship packages at various levels and all sponsors will receive exceptional benefits and recognition in return. By sponsoring at ICKHS 2024, sponsoring organizations would have a series of opportunities to interact with 400 attendees from the world’s leading organizations, maximize one's presence in the global arena and promote one service and product.

We offer a variety of sponsorship and advertisement opportunities to pay off more than you expect throughout the congress.

ICKHS 2024 Sponsorship Packages - A type

ICKHS 2024 Sponsorship Packages - A type
* VAT(10%) Excluded
Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
KRW 85,000,000 KRW 50,000,000 KRW 30,000,000 KRW 15,000,000 KRW 5,000,000
Session Luncheon Symposium 20 minutes - - - -
Industry Symposium 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour - -
Exhibition Priority for Exhibition Booth Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Exhibition Space (1Booths = 3*2m) 6 Booths 4 Booths 3 Booths 2 Booths 1 Booth
Promotion Post a list of sponsors
Logo on the sub page of the website
Banner on the sub page of the website -
Logo in e-newsletter
Sponsor Symposium promotion e-newsletter - -
Abstract Book advertisement 1 Page 1 Page - - -
Program Book advertisement 2 Page 1 Page - - -
Name badge lanyard - logo printing - - -
Print the logo on the Congress banner - -
Promotional VIDEO during the break (1min.) (provided by sponsor) 3 times 2 times - - -
Logo recognition on the break slide
Exhibition Stamp Event
Registration Free registration (Only for company staff) 8 6 4 3 2
Gala Dinner Gala Dinner sponsor - - -
Free attendance (Only for company staff) 4 3 2 - -
Trophy A plaque of appreciation

ICKHS 2024 Sponsorship Packages - B type

ICKHS 2024 Sponsorship Packages - B type
*VAT(10%) Excluded
Live Surgery 자사제품 이용한 Live Surgery 30,000,000
Skill's lab 자사제품 이용한 Sawbone demonstration 20,000,000
Program Book AD 프로그램북 뒷내지 광고 삽입 5,000,000

Make the most out of the ICKHS 2024 for your business with a wonderful sponsorship opportunity!
* As the conference will be held as a hybrid, the sponsor benefits are subject to change.

Sponsored Symposium Terms and Conditions

The application for the sponsored symposium is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • • Symposium promotions and Advertising installations are limited to designated locations within the venue.
  • • All sponsored beneficiaries can attend the symposium.
  • • Participants who do not have a badge can’t enter the symposium.
  • • Symposium Speaker expenses such as airfare, lectures, accommodation, and registration fees are not included in the cost of sponsorship.
    * If you would like to invite a speaker, the honorarium must be paid for by the sponsor.
  • • Sponsored symposium costs include all the equipment for the lecture.

Sponsorship Deadline: March 31(Sun), 2024

If you need more information, please contact the secretariat (ickhs2024@gmail.com).