Why Daegu

Daegu CVB's Professional Support

Established in 2003, the Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau is Korea’s top organization for hosting international conferences. Every employee is a veteran of international events, and they have the longest average years of experience in the industry total online and offline support system with differentiated services

Daegu is the best city to host international conferences in Korea. Following the establishment of the Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau, Daegu became the first city with a dedicated convention bureau registered by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Since then, Daegu has become a huge success story under the global spotlight. Daegu has now become an expert at hosting international conferences owing to its extraordinary enthusiasm and hard work, and is breaking new ground in the convention industry.

A Pioneering, Future Industry Hub

Home to many companies in the 5+1 New Growth Industries. A wealth of opportunities for attracting sponsors and participants. A win-win opportunity for international conferences and companies in Daegu that has inherited Samsung’s spirit of success!

Daegu is a city of opportunity. Korea’s major corporations, including Samsung, Hyundai, LG,and POSCO all have offices in or around Daegu, and conventions for new growth industries, including water, future vehicles, medical care, robotics, energy, and IoT are held all throughout the year. Hosting an international conference in Daegu is the starting point of opening up the possibilities of building a global company with companies in Daegu that are working to lead the future of humankind.

Top 10 Convention City in Asia

Recognized by 2018 by the Union of International Associations (UIA) as one of the top 10 cities for international conferences in Asia. Host city to mega events with record-setting attendance such as the World Energy Conference and the World Water Forum

Daegu is a globally recognized convention city. It was recognized by the UIA as one of the top 10 cities for the hosting of international conferences in Asia, and has successfully held mega events, including the 2013 World Energy Conference (7,500 attendees), the 2015 World Water Forum (16,000 attendees), and the 2019 World Congress of Neuroscience (4,000 attendees). Daegu continues to be chosen as the host city for future mega conferences as well, including SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022 (6,000 attendees) and the 2024 World Biomaterials Conference (5,000 attendees).

Gateway to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Gyeongju, Andong, and Hapcheon all located near Daegu Enjoy a tour of 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Seeing and experiencing the traditions of Korea boosts the event satisfaction of participants.

Daegu is a great city for visiting sites and attractions officially recognized by UNESCO. The Archives of the National Debt Redemption Movement, a documentary heritage site included in the Memory of the World Register, and Dodongseowon, a world heritage site, are both located in Daegu. Confucian, Buddhist, and Gayan world heritage sites, and a global geopark are also located within an hour from Daegu. The city is loved by international conference participants as a city getting a full experience of Korean culture.

Smart Convention Infrastructure

Online and hybrid conference studios available Introduction of new platforms to prepare for the post-COVID era First Korean organization in the MICE industry to receive ISO20121 certification

Daegu is preparing for the future of conventions. The city has developed online and hybrid systems for untact meetings to accommodate the ever-changing industry, and it was the first city to have a convention organization receive ISO certification for sustainable event management. For an international convention city like Daegu, providing global convention facilities, hotels, and unique venues is a must. Enjoy attending the best conventions in Daegu, the city that is always preparing for the next step.

Public-Private-Academic Partnerships

Home to the National Information Society Agency, the Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency, and the Daegu Design Center. A number of public institutions based in Daegu supporting various fields. Strong network for developing specialized regional conventions

Daegu is the city that excels and bringing together industries, government agencies and research institutes. Daegu is different from other regions because it develops strong organic relationships and boasts the most success in developing specialized regional conventions by expanding international conference sponsorships and co-hosting specialized regional conventions. If you would like to witness first-hand the development of R&D and industries, or want to see the development of leading global products, come visit Daegu. Working with industries, government agencies, and research institutes will take your next event in Daegu to another level.