Welcome Message

Welcome to the 68th Annual International Congress of the Korean Hip Society!

Dear respected colleagues and members of the Korean Hip Society,

  I am delighted and deeply honored to welcome you to the 2024 International Congress of the Korean Hip Society, scheduled to take place from May 9th to May 11th at the Hotel Inter-Burgo Daegu Convention Hall.

  In convening for our 68th annual meeting, it signifies our unwavering commitment to excellence in hip surgery and research. Our society continues to lead advancements in orthopedics, and it is through our combined efforts and shared knowledge that we will explore the latest advancements and encourage global collaboration. This congress promises to be an engaging forum for exchanging ideas, clinical practices, and innovative research findings.

  Daegu, a city adorned with color and tradition, provides a setting of cultural richness and modern vibrancy that complements the spirit of our gathering. I am confident that the congress will not only be intellectually stimulating but also an opportunity to forge lasting connections and enjoy the unique charm of this dynamic city.

  I look forward with anticipation to the diverse range of presentations and discussions that will stimulate insightful dialogue and pave the way for fresh perspectives in our field. Together, let’s work towards making the 2024 International Congress an event of memorable learning, collegiality, and professional growth.

Yours sincerely,

Kee-Haeng Lee

Kee-Haeng Lee

President, Myung-Rae Cho
Congress President, ICKHS 2024